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The Bible in Rhyme

The Bible in Rhyme coverHere is a short selection from The Bible In Rhyme:

Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created.
The rules were established.  The physics translated.
In the nothing God shouted, "Let there be light."
He created the first day, and thus made the night.
Then the waters, the sky, and the land from the seas
upon which He placed all the seed-bearing trees.
Then the seasons, the stars, and the moon and the sun
then sea creatures, birds; the Lord made each one.
Next came the beasts who covered the land
and all that God saw was as good as He'd planned.
Though everything here is within My control,
its missing a piece to make the earth whole.
A man in My likeness, to rule all the beasts.
To govern the greatest and govern the least.
God took up His dirt, and He took up His dust
and then in the swiftest, most powerful gust
He blew into Adam the Godbreath of life.
But God realized Adam needed a wife
to be a companion, for man was alone.
So from His new man, God plucked out a bone.
So there in the new and glorious earth,
out in the open, woman was birthed
and as they lay gasping from being created
unto the woman and man God related,
"This is My Earth, but I give it to you.
It is now yours to rule and subdue.
Multiply, prosper, for I love you best."
He saw it was good.  So God took His rest.