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The Buzz About The Bible in Rhyme

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Author Kyle Holt acknowledges that the Bible is long and difficult to understand. That’s why many people who believe it have never read it, and why some who do not believe it have read it cover to cover with bewilderment.

With this in mind, Holt wrote The Bible in Rhyme: an introduction to the Scriptures that is accessible to all ages. The Bible in Rhyme is exactly what its title professes: a rhymed, English version of the Bible. The biblical text is structured with an A-A, B-B rhyme scheme, everywhere except the psalms. The psalms are each arranged according to a different rhyme scheme. Holt differentiates between his volume and "the real Bible"—suggesting that readers use his volume alongside a traditional translation of Scripture, to clarify any confusing passages. He invites readers to comment on any misinterpretation on his web site:

Holt provides tips on how to use The Bible in Rhyme, including suggestions to read it aloud and skip from book to book. Parents are cautioned within the work that parts of the text might be too graphic for young children. The Bible in Rhyme is an entirely new approach to reading the Bible.
-Bible Study Magazine

A little poetical spin may be all that's needed to truly enjoy the Bible once more. "The Bible in Rhyme" remixes the Bible for readers to provide them with original spins on verse to help readers get into the words, which are the important part, not the outdated and dreary language. For anyone trying to inspire Bible study in young or disinterested readers, "The Bible in Rhyme" may just be what they need.
-Midwest Book Review

I think the Bible in Rhyme is fabulous. I can't vouch for the technical word-accuracy translation from the Hebrew and Greek aspect because I have no idea. But I do think this is a wonderful book to use in your personal devotional time. I tried reading a few passages to my kids just to see how they would respond and they really liked it. Kids love rhymes.

I think the Bible in Rhyme is an excellent way to speak to some who otherwise would not be interested in picking up a bible and to those who have started to think of bible reading as mundane. Sometimes when we've read the same passage over and over again for years it loses it's effect but reading it in a different way- like a rhyme- brings back the punch (so to speak).
-Tara Robertson, "Tara's View on Books"

This rhyming Bible is sure to engage a new audience who might not otherwise read the Bible. It would certainly make a unique Christmas gift for any believer or non-believer. It can be used as a resource for Bible study and as a source of inspiration.
-Courtney Seaman, "Homemaker Hero"

I'm in Christian ministry and a creative type myself. This work is a must have for your library, whether you are a minister or a layperson. I've greatly enjoyed it's selected passages, and look forward to reading out of it with my wife every morning... aloud. Just buy it! Or do like I did and join the Facebook page and get daily portions in the updates page. If you do, you won't last long until you get your own copy. Thanks, Kyle for the great work!

-Gregory Fish

I love this book because I have a hard time relating to the ancient language in the BIBLE. This book features all the Bible's greatest verses presented in a way kids, teens or anyone young at heart can relate to. A great gift; a must buy!!

-Alona Ballard

I just received my copy of The Bible in Rhyme and I love it! I took it to church yesterday evening and read exerpts to others who are now interested in getting one. I'm especially looking forward to using it with my youth this Sunday. I had read several verses posted on facebook prior to purchasing, so I was aware of the style of poetry. From what I have read so far, it is accurate in its content. I was concerned that reading it for any length of time might make the Word seem trivial but it doesn't. In fact I found it difficult to set down. I'm a pastor and I would recommend this Bible. While poetry may not appeal to all - it is well worth a look. I commend Kyle Holt for a job well done!

-Pastor Karen Tutak

This book is delightful. I have to say that when I first heard about the premise I was a bit skeptical. I'm not normally into rhymes or poetry, and the idea of a "different version of the Bible" was a little off-putting because I was afraid it might get meanings wrong. After reading it, though, I've learned that I was way off base. The Bible in Rhyme is not meant to be a new translation of the Bible. It isn't meant to be a study Bible. It isn't meant to help you formulate your religious understanding or theology. Instead, it is simply a fun way to get more involved with the Bible and its stories. The meanings of the verses and stories are unchanged. The point and purpose still come through in every book(chapter); sometimes even stronger than originally due to the poetic power of rhyming. I'm finding that some parts of the Bible that were normally boring and uninspiring to me are suddenly coming alive and renewing my interest. I think the author wanted this book to be a fun way for non Christians and new Christians to get inspired, but I really believe this book is helpful for older Christians to get re-inspired. Don't get me wrong. This isn't a replacement for the Bible. But as often as people tell me I should read bible verses daily, I never end up doing it or if I do it I never keep it up for long. The Bible in Rhyme has been fun to read every time I pick it up, and I'm reading parts of the Bible that I never read before. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I think almost everyone else will as well.

I'll give this warning, though. The people who won't enjoy this are the same types of people that denounce Christian music and other Christian writings that aren't the Bible itself. I'm telling you right now that if you have a problem with those things, you will have a problem with this book too. If you're a theologian type that is more interested in reading the Bible in its original languages to get the absolute perfect understanding of each verse, then the Bible in Rhyme is definitely not for you. For everyone else, it is a great purchase.

-Doug Schasteen

The Bible in Rhyme is simple on the surface, but as you read on you will find that Kyle Holt has captured the spirit of God's word in new way. I have really enjoyed picking up favorite passages and seeing them through the lens of rhyming poetry and Holt's understanding of God's inspired writings. While I don't think the Bible in Rhyme is intended to replace any existing translations of the Bible, it can certainly help understand complex passages and breathe new life into some of your long time favorites. It might seem light hearted on the surface, but the usefulness and function should not be overlooked.

I find Holt's writing truly inspired and I'm very thankful for my copy of the Bible in Rhyme.

I recommend this book as a tool for anyone trying to make sense of the Bible or looking for a truly original alternative interpretation of the Bible. Of course I should mention that is quite fun to read as well.
-Brian Anderson

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation. It was
unbelievable to me what you did! You are a remarkable young man.
We'll have to keep track of your future endeavors. Thanks so much.

-Betty Wilkerson, Foxwood Springs Retirement Community

I was given this book as a gift, and Oh! what a blessing it's been in my daily quiet time. I use it now as an addition to reading actual scripture. In a passage that's hard to understand, I refer to The Bible In Rhyme and read Mr. Holt's interpretation of that passage, and I find an increased understanding of words and phrases with which I was struggling. I also love to read The BIBLE IN RHYME after reading the scripture--in poetry form, it turns God's inspired word in to a poetic love letter to us.

I think that this book will help people who avoid reading the Bible to enjoy God's message to us in an easy-to-understand form, and perhaps inspire more interest in studying the actual scriptures, as well.

This is one of the best gifts I've ever received!
-Jeannie Clubine

He has done something that few people would have the courage or dedication to do… messing with the bible is serious business, eh? But he has totally transformed it into something that people can hold on to, something that they can relate to, and actually absorb. He’s taking the bible back to a more oral tradition, in which people didn’t have paper/pencils – they relied on their memories to spread the word. And he’s done that – created something that is more easy to retain, and taps into that archaic oral tradition in a really modern and relatable way. Bibles are scary. And anything that makes them less scary is pretty darned awesome!
-Michele Abbott

Kyle Holt’s Bible in Rhyme is nothing short of amazing. In translating the Bible into lines that rhyme, Kyle has exhibited the patience of Job and the perseverance and leadership of Moses. It is entertaining, but more importantly it retells the most important story ever told in a fresh, new way. It cleverly avails the Bible to younger children yet will challenge biblical scholars. Truly, this is an inspired work.
-John Chalfant

The Bible in Rhyme has been an inspirational daily devotional in my life. It motivates me to riffle through the scriptures with renewed interest, searching for further insights and deeper wisdom. It also provides a great study of verses, for adults and even children, so that God's word becomes memorable and easily accessible in the form of biblical affirmations for daily life. The rhyming is never strained, but rather flows naturally and beautifully throughout. The Bible in Rhyme would make a wonderful gift, especially around the holidays, and should be included as a reference on every bookshelf! Five enthusiastic stars!
-Wendy Connelly

I was truly inspired reading this version of Bible. Good for all ages, kept my interest ,and made many of verses more understandable. Have brought other copies for gifts and definitely would pass this along as wortwhile book for personal Library.


You have created something that's not only going to provide greater accessibility, but I think will even make it easier for people to memorize passages. And let's face it; anything that will make Deuteronomy and Numbers even a little bit more fun is a good thing! Well done, sir!
-Tom Rambo

This is remarkable! I can't wait to share with my family and friends. Kyle - what a unique gift God has given you to reach more people for Christ!
-Traci B.

Quite an accomplishment! I am astounded that someone could take on such a project.
-Robyn L.

I am in awe at how you managed to accomplish the writing of this book. I think I will finally not only get through all the bible stories....but be able to grasp their meaning much easier!!!
-Jan W.

Wow! Just wow! It’s amazing. I can totally see me reading this to my kids and them actually paying attention due to the rhyming nature of it. Fabulous job!
-Carly S.

It completely blows my mind that you first, even entertained the idea of undertaking such a huge project and second, actually did it. You rule, Kyle! To God be the glory.
-Jami F.

It truely is an absolutely awesome piece of work.  Kyle should be, even though his humility probably won't allow it, prouder than proud of such an achievement.  He was obviously choosen by GOD to take on such a task.
-Bob McCallister

It's awesome! Very, very impressive. I feel like reading it more and more to know the rhyming words.

Here's a poem for you. I tried. My sincere apologies if there is any mistake and of course, have a great laugh after reading it! It's not ©, so you can share this with all! I am not good as you. :-)
Kyle has written a great rhyming book bible
I should say that it's gonna be incredible
He has spent sleepless nights to put those words
God! He has the blessing of all Lords
And trust me, all records are gonna be broken
When you see this book sold out and all taken
-Sunil Balan

I just went through the Genesis part, it was awesome. Up to 5th grade in our school, they have a subject called Morals, which contains stories from the Bible and some Christianity-based. I can remember those things. The rhyme was easy to understand. Congratulations! Keep on this work. It was not only your contribution to Christianity it also tells us the good and bad things for all humans.
-Easwaramoorthy G.

Wow, what a gift! The gesture, and the poetry, are very moving. Congratulations.
-Lisa A.

This is AMAZING!! I've not read the whole thing yet, but the idea so far along is great. I'll spread the word.
-Lindsay C.

It will be fun to use for scripture readings in service now and again to give people a different way of hearing the text.
-Molly S.

-Patrick C.

This is truly amazing. God has given you such a gift. I can't wait to share with some of my youth! WOW!
-Debbie L.

Wow! You produced a work of art. Well done, faithful servant.
-Wade W.

Thank you so much for your writing and sharing the Bible in Rhyme. I spent a larger chunk of my evening reading it to my boys than I had planned. I just couldn't stop! What a blessing to us, and what an amazing gift God has given to you.
-Lisa D.

Wow. At first I thought “What ?” then I read on… wow – nicely done – congrats – this is huge. Again – big WOW from me… I am impressed.
-Steve W.

Congratulations on making this happen! What an unbelievable body of work and significant accomplishment for you.
-Darren F.

Thanks for your listening to the Lord and creating this treasure.
-Patricia K.

I cannot even find the words to express how cool this is! I am excited to share some of the passages with my family, what a very awesome experience! Thank you again so much!
-Christina B.

Just a quick note to tell you how impressed I am by this recent project of yours--the Bible in rhyme is wonderful!! Thank You for sharing the talents God has so obviously gifted you with! I know I will enjoy this for years to come.
-Cheryl G.

What Kyle has done is amazing.
-Adam H.

Thank you for manifesting the gifts God gave you, Kyle! This is really husband thinks so, too.
-Naomi Y.

All glory to God............the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!
-Rick I.

Thanks, Kyle! Your efforts are going to bless so many. They already have. Many blessings back to you and your family for sharing your time to work on this project.
-Tonya H.

What big time rappers with sick beats will you tap to perform your creation? You know that's the only way to audiobook it.
-Shawn N.

We incorporated the Bible in Rhyme into our weekly women's bible study this week. LOVE IT! God bless you for giving you this gift and vision!
-Jamie G.

Kyle has done an awesome job! What talent. I can hardly find time to read the newspaper, but my son and I and I read a Bible story from his Bible most every night. I can't wait to read and share this with him.
-Belinda K.

I cannot even fathom how much effort and energy it took to write this mega-poem from the Bible. Chapter by chapter. I am in awe at Kyle’s talent as well as his feel for the story itself. Hey…it might even start people reading the BOOK again…not just for hotels anymore! ! ! But seriously, it's wonderful. Words don't even begin to describe for me the impact of seeing the story in this way. Brilliant concept. It reminds me of what Carole King talks about when she told how she wrote "You’ve Got a Friend"…how she sat down at the piano, and it's as if the music just went through her and onto the paper. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that some bit of Divine spark assisted Kyle in his writing. Even if it didn't…it comes off as if it did...

What a neat thing you did in making this! It is so great to read and just puts another perspective on God's Word.
-Kelli S.

God bless you in your efforts and all Glory to HIM. I clearly see HIS mighty hand was with you in this esp. as I look at the time in which you got this accomplished. UNREAL.
-Rachel M.

Thanks for your work on the Bible in Rhyme... it's brilliant!
-Chris N.

I wanted to tell you have much I appreciate the gift you've given to so many - it's amazing! I've been a struggling Christian my whole life pretty much, but now I have a 5 year old – so I want to read a section of your rhymes every night to him before bed as part of our bed time routine - and hopefully I'll learn something in the process:)
-Ashley H.

The Bible came today and I love it. It's much easier to read in book form than on line. Thanks for getting it here so quickly.
-Norma H.

I am very impressed with your style of writing and presentation of the bible. Your book presents the bible in a comfortable format, that is easy to digest. Thank you for sharing this with me, I will value this gift in many ways for years to come.
-Scott R.